Residential dog waste removal rates:

Initial Cleanups runs $35.00 per five(5) gallon bucket of waste removed.
One- time cleanups are $40.00 per five(5) gallons of waste removed. 

Number of Dogs                   Pricing for Weekly service*
1                                                                  $40/ month      

2                                                                  $50/ month               

3                                                                  $60/ month              

4                                                                  $80/ month  

We do not offer services to people with more than 4 dogs at this time. Billing is done via e-mail at the end of the month after final service for the month has been completed. Payments are preferred to be made by cash, check or Zelle .

*Paypal and most major credit cards gladly accepted, but clients will be responsible for any and all banking fees that these types of payments may incur.

Currently, Paypal/ credit card fees are as follows:
Billing total of $1- 30= $1
                         $31- 60= $2
                         $61- 90= $3
                         $91- 100= $4

Pricing based on DRY, fenced, level yards 1/3 of an acre or smaller. Open yards, excessively steep, lawns with irrigation running before/during service and properties with trampolines may be assessed an additional charge.

Please be aware that due to weather conditions during the winter, it may not be possible to clean weekly but will try our best for that to happen. No credits, refunds, re- cleans or discounts due to snow conditions that may affect cleaning schedule. 

Terms and Conditions
Although homeowners do not have to sign a contract for most of our services, we do have a few rules that by using us for your services, our clients agree to follow:

If you have an issue with your service(s), e-mail, text or call me within 24 hours of service(s) being provided. This way, I can apologize for the error and address the problem immediately. 

We bill at the end of the month for most of our weekly services and request payment be issued within 10 days of receiving your invoice, if possible. Two missed billing cycles will result in service(s)being suspended/ cancelled without notice, until payment or other arrangements have been made. 

We require 2 weeks written notice before termination of any services. This will allow us to have your billing ready at your final service. 

Payment for initial/ one- time cleanup due upon completion of services. Most maintenance services are billed at the end of the month and gladly accept: Cash, checks, Paypal and most Credit Cards(Visa MasteCard, Amer. Express, Discover). 
We also ask that our clients do us a solid and allow us to place a yard sign on their property a couple of times per year(usually Spring and Fall or after first service) to let the neighbors and new folks in the area know about out services.

We here at Pick Up Artist Pet Waste Service are dog lovers. We are obligated to report any animal neglect or abuse to the authorites.

We reserve the right to refuse service for, but not limited to,the following reasons: Inadequate water, shelter, or ongoing medical conditions, such as chronic diarhea, parasitic infections, non- payment, and/or illegal activities related to canines(milling, fighting, baiting, etc.).

If you don't treat your dog(s) like a member of the family, my services are not for you. Dogs are not property, regardless of how the town of Castle Rock defines them and they should be treated as cherished and loved companions.